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Welcome to My Favorite Cat Site

If youíve wondered where to find a cat, if you should breed your cat, what to do if your cat is pregnant, why do you need cat furniture, how to choose a vet, how to deal with the death of your cat, what to do in a cat emergency or how to prepare for an emergency involving your cat, what to do if your cat is peeing outside the litter box, or if you can get a cat at all because you or someone in the family has a cat allergy, youíve come to the right place. I donít claim to have the exact answer, but rather to help guide you to the right place to look to find the answers.

It has been a dream of mine to have one place where I could organize most of the Information and topics that have come to my attention through my years of rescuing cats and Breeding pedigree cats. I hope that you will come back often and that you will find answers to questions, encouragement, and some interesting facts and wonderful products all of which will make your relationships with your cats more fulfilling, loving and healthy for all concerned.

We share our homes and hearts with these furry creatures and try to do our best. Along the way we laugh, cry and learn. I hope that this site will serve as a road map of sorts for your journey. I have tried to assemble the best links I have found on each subject, but I also feel that I must say that I cannot always agree with everything written on every site. I hope that in doing your research you will rely on your good sense, and verify all crucial decisions with your vet, your breeder, or at least try to find the most recent and authoritative opinions available.

If my readers have comments, or additions I am open to new ideas, so send them on. I want this to become your favorite cat site too.


Beth Fillman

About This Site

The way we have set up this site is that the links to the left will lead you to topics that may interest you. I have tried to organize them with a chronology of time, from the beginning of your relationship with your cat, Sadly to the end. Beginnings are exciting, and endings are a necessary part of all human and feline relationships. Even the 'end' requires some thoughtful preparation, and we will try to deal with some of the questions and topics you may need at that time as well. 

Some of you may be here at the beginning, some in the middle and some at that awful place. Along the way, we will try to guide, and encourage your decisions in the hopes that your decisions will be the most comfortable ones you can make. So sit back, relax and enjoy the trip. We will try to inject some humor from time to time, jokes, cartoons, and whatever helps.

The photos used on this site are mine, usually of my cats, cats I have known, or bred, some are taken by folks who now live with and love them, so please respect the fact that they are copyrighted to me and do not lift them to use on another site. In the event that I do use a photo taken by someone else, I will note that, and those too will be their property.

A Little About Me

I have been breeding pedigree cats for over a dozen years, and was actively involved in rescue before that. I am still actively involved in rescue and probably always will be, though running a closed cattery precludes me from actually taking in outside cats, I do all I can to help, advise and facilitate in rescue work. All in all, I have probably spent at least 50 years living with cats in one way or another. In that time I have learned and studied just about every subject that deals with the lives of cats and their humans. Cats are my passion and the people I have met have for the most part been wonderful. I have seen cats enrich lives, heal people, cement relationships. I have also observed some very disturbing things where people and cats are concerned.

Some of the writing on this site may from time to time come from friends of mine who have expertise in certain subjects. In those cases their writings will be so indicated and are their property, their views.

Again, we welcome the writings of others, and will from time to time add pertinent, important and informative links. So stay tuned, and come back often.

Thanks for visiting,


9th Life Organiztion

9th life is an organiztion that I have personal knowledge of,†and of the work they do.†Being in Haiwaii they are more cut off from US and other aid that could otherwise be sent easily, so money works, but anything, any source you might know of that would be willing to donate medical supplies or food would also be useful.†If you know people in HI who can help in any way please contact them.†Again, friends of mine are invoved here so rest assured that your dontation will be well used and help many homeless, sick cats.†Please help.†thanks,†beth

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